EkeWill GTX 4WD Planetary Gearing 12,000 watts AllTerrain EBoard - Andrew Penman EBoard

EkeWill GTX 4WD Planetary Gearing 12,000 watts AllTerrain EBoard Unbox & First Ride - Electric Skateboard Motorised Skateboard Powered Skateboard - Andrew Penman EBoard Vlog No.159

This Ekewill GTX 4WD and it’s GS 2WD younger brother is the original invented prototype of this design by EkeWill Shenzhen China. Other Chinese Vendors such as AliExpress and Alibaba have recently copied EkeWill’s design with rudimentary parts and sub standard electronic components not to mention cheap Batteries, these are extremely dangerous. There are other Vendors in China recently also doing improved copies but are not offering anywhere near the same quality as the EkeWill GTX and GS All-Terrain EBoards.

“I found the ride on the EkeWill GTX 4WD very smooth and precise, an extremely safe feeling and very comfortable with an enormous amount of torque and power. The prices are not cheap but this EkeWill is an extraordinary high component build with its superb Planetary Gearing Drive and Samsung 30Q / 30Ah / 1080wh / 10s10p Battery setup coupled with its FOC (Field Orientation Control) Square Wave Custom ESC by Solutions Inc. I can thoroughly recommend this EkeWill GTX 4WD product based on my first impressions and 4 hour ride and overview for the extremely serious off-road electric skateboard rider who requires high performance and a premium quality equipment” - Andrew Pennan EBoard Reviews YouTube⚔️ 2020

Design History
There has been numerous comments on forums and by owners of similar designs and Chinese competitors stating that this was not the original design. I have throughly investigated and researched those allegations and found them to be completely false.

EkeWill’s founder was the original designer of this design EBoard. I asked for ...and was provided all the evidence and documentation and I’ have substantiation everything in relation to all this. I have done this in an effort to provide clarity and honesty to those looking at purchasing any one of these type of Planetary Gearing All-Terrain EBoards .. I’ve concisely outlined the history of this, that being the EkeWill Company’s EBoard being the original design ... first to sketch, invent, design, patent and produce this All-Terrain EBoard - Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews YouTube ⚔️ 2020


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